Thursday, October 27, 2016

Was part of New Media, Citizen and Government 2016 (#NMCG2016) - Abuja

Good afternoon beautiful people, 

This is just a quick note about my speaking engagement in Abuja, I will take time to blog about my experience in Nigeria when i get back home. So I got in from Lagos last evening and right from the airport, i fell deeply in love with Abuja...guess the hills and fresh air and the lack of back to back buildings that won my heart.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nigeria Call Out

My tag reads Classy Wafula :) 

Good morning beautiful people,

I have been in Nigeria since the weekend and I am around for the next 2 weeks (mainly Lagos, might drop by Abuja briefly before I leave). Already had my welcome portion of Jollof, I was told to be specific -  Nigerian Jollof but definitely looking forward to going for each and every Jollof throwdown in the country, been told wedding Jollof is the best and the best part is I don't need an invitation, I just make sure I look the part and show up. 

So far i have had 2 amazing meet ups (the one captured above which was a catch up that ended magically and another i will be sharing about soon) I am definitely looking forward to meeting with anyone (and everyone) in the mental health space, policy implementation, health communication, advocacy in whatever aspect (mostly non violence movements) and the church girl in me is also interested in breaking bread with all Jesus loving souls in either Lagos or Abuja.

Sending love and light, 

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Thursday, October 20, 2016


 ‎Happy Mashujaa Day beautiful people, 

Thank you all for using the tab on the side to get in touch with me. I am dropping to point something out real quick;‎ I have been picking guilt and grudges, bitterness and resentment vibes from your emails and I have seen how they are holding some of you hostage. 

For those not Swahili speakers, Mashujaa is Heroes and today is heroes day here in Kenya and I would like to ask all of us to our own heroes today by taking the Day 62/ #100DaysofMentalHealth challenge; forgiveness (releasing). 

All you have to do is;

1. take time out of the time you spend feeling guilty or replaying that grudge scene in your mind and list down
a) people (and things) you need to forgive (release) 
b) people (and things) you need to be forgiven (released from) - yes you need to do both because none of us is perfect and we need balance in life

2. then seek wisdom on how to go about it (here are a few ideas depending on the situation)
- a face to face or emails or calls, 
- let go without a word 
-seek trusted experienced external help from a safe space,‎ 
- you may do a list and pray over it (then burn it),
- mirror rehearsals and constant affirmation,
- Quiet Time and meditation or scripture digging and breathing exercises or a period of praying and fasting


It is definitely not a one day process, you will be required to put some work into it‎, seek help from worthy sources if you must...whatever your method; remember your mind, body and soul are not vessels for grudges and guilt or bitterness and resentment.

Sending love and light, 

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